Grrl Nation

Just a Grrl in the world embracing the world she lives in - the good and the bad.
I am part of the 99% and texting from Occupy L.A.

Box of meat filled corssants that is at least 1 day old left out on a table for people to snacon - yum

appreciate people wanting to do help the homeless thing but instead of food we could really use bus tokens, gas certif. & 99 Cent cards

Something else I miss. I miss parking my van at a park, opening the door and just reading away the day. Soon…..

Just had a delicous idea for a art project for a Occupy statement.

Someone spray pained 99% on telephone pole - random place

I miss traveling. Seeing new places, meeting new people & sharing stories. I to explore but I cant yet. Have to finish this before I can